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Spond supports grassroots sport resurgence with digital fundraising campaigns


A group of grassroots sports team members excitedly pointing at a Spond Spot the Ball competition on a digital tablet.

Spond revolutionizes team management and fundraising for grassroots sports clubs. It’s launching ‘Spot the Ball’ in the UK to help financially struggling clubs find new revenue streams. This game brings a fun, engaging way to fundraise, easing administrative and regulatory burdens.

How Spot the Ball Enhances Digital Fundraising

The Spot the Ball challenge allows clubs to customize their fundraising campaigns. They can choose the game’s theme, set competition times, targets, and prizes. This flexibility lets clubs tailor campaigns to their specific needs and community interests.

Broadening the Digital Fundraising Network

Spond’s platform enables clubs to reach beyond their local communities. By sharing a unique URL, clubs can use social media and messaging apps to engage wider audiences. This approach increases the potential for donations, helping clubs achieve their fundraising goals.

Success Stories: Clubs Thrive with ‘Spot the Ball’

Clubs have seen remarkable success with ‘Spot the Ball.’ For instance, Oxford Harlequins RFC and Hethersett & Tas Valley Cricket Club raised significant funds for projects with little effort. Their positive experiences highlight the solution’s effectiveness and ease of use.

Testimonials Highlight Success and Ease of Use

Clubs that have participated in trials of the ‘Spot the Ball’ game report significant fundraising success with minimal effort. Oxford Harlequins RFC and Hethersett & Tas Valley Cricket Club, for example, raised substantial funds for important projects, highlighting the effectiveness and ease of Spond’s digital fundraising solution.

Matthew Bird, Coach at Hethersett & Tas Valley Cricket Club, who raised £1,800, commented: “We found Spot the Ball really easy to use and administer. Our membership was well informed in advance about the cause for which we were fundraising, ensuring a really positive response. Unlike previous fundraisers, there was little work on the part of the committee or coaches, and we particularly loved the fact that Spond looked after the organisation of the event, allowing us to focus on cricket.”

A Bright Future for Digital Fundraising in Grassroots Sports

The successful implementation of Spond’s ‘Spot the Ball’ game in the UK points to a promising future for digital fundraising in grassroots sports. By providing an engaging and hassle-free way to raise funds, Spond is helping clubs overcome financial challenges and focus on their core mission of enriching local communities through sport.

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  • What is digital fundraising and how does it benefit grassroots sports clubs?

    Digital fundraising leverages online platforms and technologies to collect donations for various causes. For grassroots sports clubs, it offers a way to engage a broader audience, simplify donation processes, and access innovative fundraising tools like Spond’s ‘Spot the Ball’ game. This method not only enhances the club’s ability to raise necessary funds but also minimizes administrative efforts, allowing them to focus more on sports and community activities.

  • How does Spot the Ball work as a digital fundraising solution?

    Spot the Ball is a digital competition where participants guess the location of a ball in a sports-themed image. Spond manages the entire process, from setting up the competition to distributing prizes, thus eliminating administrative hassles for clubs. Clubs can customize their campaigns, including the choice of sport, competition timing, fundraising targets, and prize allocations, making it a flexible and engaging fundraising option.

  • Are there any success stories of clubs or groups using digital fundraising platforms like Spond?

    Yes, several clubs have successfully utilised Spond’s ‘Spot the Ball’ for their fundraising needs. For instance, Oxford Harlequins RFC raised significant funds towards new floodlights, and Hethersett & Tas Valley Cricket Club gathered funds with minimal effort, highlighting the platform’s effectiveness in engaging supporters and simplifying fundraising tasks.

  • How can supporters participate in digital fundraising activities like Spot the Ball?

    Supporters can participate by receiving a unique URL from the club or group, which directs them to the campaign page. This link can be easily shared via social media, email, or messaging apps, allowing even those outside the immediate community to support the group’s fundraising efforts. This approach not only drives engagement but also broadens the potential donor base significantly.

  • What makes Spond's Spot the Ball different from other digital fundraising tools?

    Spond’s Spot the Ball stands out due to its combination of engaging gameplay, ease of use, and comprehensive management services. Unlike traditional digital fundraising tools, it incorporates a beloved game that appeals to a wide audience, creating a fun and interactive experience. Furthermore, Spond handles all aspects of the competition, from setup to prize distribution, removing the administrative burden from clubs. This allows clubs to focus more on engaging their community and less on logistical details, making it an effective solution for raising funds in a more enjoyable and stress-free manner.