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Unveiling the Exciting New Match Events Feature in the Spond App


Are you tired of sifting through your group’s events, trying to discern which is a match and which is just a regular event? Look no further! Spond App’s brand new Match Events feature is here to make your life simpler, more organised, and vibrant! Wave goodbye to the days of event planning confusion and embrace the era of clarity and simplicity.

Why We’re Buzzing About Match Events

  1. Spot-On Differentiation: Easily distinguish your matches from other group events. No more puzzling over which date is a match and which one is a practice.
  2. Rich Details: Not just an event marker – The new feature comes with added functionality:
    • Match Type: Label it according to the nature of the game – be it home, away, tournament, or a friendly.
    • Know Your Opponent: Mention the other team’s name. A simple way to let your players gear up mentally for the competition.
    • Splash of Colour: Assign colors to both your team and the opposition, making the event visually appealing and easy to spot!
  3. Wide Range of Sports: Whether you’re a football fanatic, a volleyball virtuoso, or a hockey hero, we’ve got you covered! The Match Events feature supports a diverse list of sports, ensuring everyone can benefit.
  4. Mobile-Centric: Remember, this gem of a feature is exclusively available in the Spond App. You get to enjoy all these benefits right at your fingertips. Desktops might be great, but this is one exclusive party they’re not invited to!

Setting It Up is a Breeze! Once you’ve made up your mind about the event, selecting the right group and people you wish to bring onboard, just give a simple tap on ‘Match’ at the top of the page. Voilà! Your match planning just got a major upgrade.

Match Events will make your life easier

Whether you’re managing a professional team or just playing friendly games on the weekends, Spond’s new feature is sure to elevate your match scheduling experience. Dive into a world of clarity, functionality, and fun. Try the Match Events feature today and let the games begin! 🎉🏆🥅🏀🏉🏐


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