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Introducing the Spond Superdraw Seller Incentive


At the heart of Spond’s community-focused mission lies Superdraw, a dynamic fundraising tool designed to support clubs and groups across the UK. The new Superdraw Seller Incentive is an integral part of this initiative, offering a compelling reward to those driving the fundraising efforts, the sellers nominated by each club or group.

The Superdraw Seller Incentive recognises the dedication of the top seller each month across all Superdraw campaigns by rewarding them with a £100 Amazon Gift Card. This incentive not only acknowledges the hard work put into rallying support, but also serves as an exciting motivator for fundraisers to engage their networks and maximise their impact.

Unleashing Your Potential

Imagine being the powerhouse behind your team’s next kit or new training equipment for your club. Every entry you sell for Superdraw brings that vision closer to reality. But it’s not just about what you raise; it’s about celebrating how you raise it. The Superdraw Seller Incentive is your chance to shine. You can be acknowledged not just for what you achieve, but for the energy and passion you bring to it.

Rewards That Resonate

What’s more motivating than seeing your fundraising efforts pay off? The Superdraw Seller Incentive singles out the dedication of top sellers with  a £100 Amazon Gift Card. This isn’t just a prize; it’s a reward that empowers you to invest in your team goals and contribute to your community’s ambitions.

Grassroots Communities Empowered

Spond Superdraw isn’t just about fundraising; we’re nurturing a culture of empowerment. By incentivising performance, we’re not only fostering a competitive edge but also encouraging a collaborative spirit where everyone’s working towards a common purpose. With the Superdraw Seller Incentive, we’re building a community that celebrates every milestone, big or small.

The Thrill of Winning the Spond Superdraw Incentive

Spond Superdraw isn’t merely a fundraiser; it’s an adrenaline rush, a community event, and a friendly competition all rolled into one. It’s the satisfaction of contributing to a cause and the personal excitement of potential reward. This perfect blend is what makes the Superdraw Seller Incentive a catalyst for change and growth within communities.

Why the Spond Superdraw Seller Incentive?

Here’s the deal — we’re not just talking about a one-time reward. This is a monthly invitation to step up and make a difference. It’s about consistent recognition, month after month, for the movers and shakers using Spond Superdraw.

  • Rewarding Excellence: Recognisng the most successful Spond Superdraw fundraiser.
  • Inclusive Opportunity: Welcoming the participation of sellers of all ages, from the youngest members (with guardian consent and support)  to the most seasoned veterans.
  • Monthly Excitement: Keeping the momentum alive with a reward structure that refreshes every month, giving every seller a chance to win.

In essence, the Spond Superdraw Seller Incentive is more than just an offer — it’s a reflection of commitment and the collective spirit of fundraising efforts. It’s a showcase of what can be achieved when we come together, blending individual ambition with collective goals.

Ready to Join the Movement?

Dive into the next chapter of your fundraising story with Spond. It doesn’t matter if you’re in it to support your  team, build up yourclub, or simply embrace the challenge. The Superdraw Seller Incentive is your chance to shine, earn and most importantly, make a tangible difference.

Is your club or group already running a Spond Superdraw campaign? If not, tell your coach or admin today and see if you can be Spond’s next gift card winner.



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